Crisp, fall weather means harvest time on the farm. Don’t let this harvest turn dangerous when electrical hazards are overlooked. Farm workers are killed each year by electrocution when large farm machinery makes contact with overhead power lines. The following tips will help keep everyone on the farm safe: 

  • Look over work areas carefully for overhead power lines and utility poles.
  • Make sure there are ample clearances of power lines when moving large machinery such as combines, grain augers, pickers, bailers and front end loaders. 
  • When planning new construction, consider existing power lines.
  • Be extra careful when working around trees and brush that often obstruct power lines. 
  • Train all farm workers on how to properly operate machinery near overhead power lines.

Written by Christine Grammes who is a freelance writer specializing in energy and cooperative affairs.
Source: ©Safe Electricity,; National Ag Safety Database