Osceola Electric Cooperative, through Basin Electric Power Cooperative, has offered the PrairieWinds Green Energy Program for several years. Participation in PrairieWinds allows individual members to voluntarily contribute to the development and generation of alternate energy production facilities, which primarily involve wind energy at this time. Through this program, members will not be directly purchasing alternate energy, but instead will be directly supporting the generation of renewable energy.

Blocks of 100 kWh's are sold and the cost for contributing toward a block of 100 kilowatt hours (kWh's) each month is $1.00, which would be in addition to the current facility and energy charges. For example, if a member agrees to purchase 5 blocks of 100 kWh's, the member would pay an additional $5.00 per month over and above their normal electric bill.

If a member would like to participate in the PrairieWinds Program, please contact the office and request a copy of the Prairie Winds Wind Power Agreement. A one year commitment is required. After one year the level of support agreed upon will continue until the Cooperative is notified that a member wishes to make changes to the agreement.