In an effort to promote environmental responsibility and energy efficiency, the cooperative will provide rebates on specific weatherization building materials and products.  Members installing and utilizing weatherization building materials and products will help in protecting the environment, and save energy and lower utility bills.

Qualifying products, but not limited to:

  • Insulation - $500.00 or 50% (lessor of) per application.
    • Bat, blown, wet blown cellulose, sprayed foam, house rap.
    • Rebates may be multiple types of insulation - but maximum of
    • $500.00 every five years.
  • Windows  -  $25.00 per window, $500 maximum.
  • Exterior Doors - $25.00 thermal doors

Within three months of the date of weatherization, the member must provide a dated invoice of products or services provided.  If a rebate is approved, the cooperative will issue a check to the member for the amount of the rebate.

The cooperative reserves the right to make an on-site visit to the property of the member to verify that the weatherization qualifies for the rebate.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Level 2 - 240 volt, Must be hardwired and installed to local code.  Make, model, s/n must be provided. Energy Star certified.  Can't back-feed into the system.  Load control switch installed. 50% of equipment with a max of $750.