Members of Osceola Electric Cooperative have the following six options for paying their electric bill:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Money Order
  • Major Credit Cards
  • Major Debit Cards
  • ACH Payment Plan

ACH (or Automated Clearing House) is a nationwide electronic funds transfer system which provides for the interbank clearing of electronic payments. The ACH Payment Plan is a free service that allows members to draw funds from their checking or savings account to pay their monthly electric bill. The payment is made automatically each month.

By filling out the Authorization For Enrollment In The ACH Payment Plan form below, the monthly electric bill will be automatically deducted from the account designated by the member. The electronic deduction will occur around the 20th day of the month. The authorization provided to charge the member's bank account will remain in effect until the member notifies Osceola Electric Cooperative that they wish to cancel their participation in the ACH Payment Plan.

If you have any questions regarding payment options, including the ACH Payment Plan, please call the cooperative office at 1-888-754-2519 or (712)754-2519.